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Specialised in finding the right technical talent for your consulting, temporary staffing or direct hiring needs

Your workforce needs are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all hiring solution. We offer a range of hiring services to meet your workforce needs

Direct Hire

We help you fill permanent positions in your organization for a breadth of technology skills across job categories and geographies. Our talent specialists can meet, screen, interview, and assess the talent so that you can hire the best

Hire a Consultant

Count on us, when your project needs ready to join consultants who are used to quickly adjusting to the demands of fast-track projects.

Temp Staffing

Staff-up for your seasonal high demand or for that special project. Staff-down at slack times. Our temporary employees are skilled and ready on demand.

Temp To

Assess the skills of one of our temporary employees on the job at your location. Convert them to full-time employees when they prove to be of value to your team. Indeed a risk-free way to hire.

Recruitment Process


Our recruitment specialist can do the heavy lifting of the various recruitment challenges your organisation faces, such as sourcing, phone screening, interviewing, background verifications, reference checks, etc. 

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